Bio Fresh® resealable zipper bags

Just pack your fruit or vegetables in the bag, seal it closed and you will see amazing results.Your fresh produce will last longer and stay fresher.

Whats the secret?

Bio Fresh® Modified Atmosphere Packaging system (MAP) absorbs gases such as Ethylene, Ammonia and Hydrogen Sulfide which are the main catalyst gases in the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. By controlling Ethylene we are able to slow down the ripening process. Increasing the shelf life of fresh produce is now as simple as packaging your produce in our Bio Fresh®bags

2 Bio Fresh Packs,
Each pack contains 12 zipper
Bags size 10” x 11”
Price $ 7.95 + Shipping and Handling

These bags do very well with individual lettuce leaves, better than the old Ziploc produce bags; they’ll keep up to 2 weeks. They also do pretty well with most other produce

By Kay Cummingson August 24, 2014

These ar favorite green bags. I tried others and they did not keep produce fresh nearly as long.

By Jane Austinon January 24, 2015

I like the fact that they are zipped bags, but cannot comment too much on their stay fresh action yet. So far so good!

Carol-Anne Abbinkon August 19, 2015
Bio Fresh Zipper bags

Bio Fresh® bags can be used with: 

· Asparagus · Avocados · Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums · Broccoli Cauliflower · Carrots, Parsnips · Celery  · Corn  · Cucumbers, Zucchini · Beans, Peas  · Green Onions  · Kiwi · Persimmons· Lychees · Lemons· Lettuce, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages, Spinach, Swiss Chard · Mangoes, Papaya · Melons · Mesclun / Spring Mix · Peppers, Okra · Herbs · Pears · Squash · Turnips · Cut Flowers.
Bio Fresh® absorbs and removes ethylene gas, slowing the ripening process of fruits and vegetables and extending their shelf life By removing ethylene gas, produce stays fresher, longer.